RFI for Medium Range Thermal Image Sight

Issue Date: 23-Feb-2023     |     Response Date: 04-Mar-2023

Brief Details: The Indian Army has come out with a RFI for buying of Medium Range Thermal Image Sight that will enable PARA SF Bns with effective surveillance and observation of enemy target during CI/ CT environments like area domination, ambushes and night surveillance.

The RFI stipulates that the Medium Range TI Sight should be portable, uncooled, monocular thermal imaging device capable of recording video and capturing pictures of enemy movement during night.

At the same time, the clip-on feature will enable the soldier to mount the Medium Range TI Sight on to a picatinny based weapon platform and effectively engage the targets at greater distance.

The incorporation of Medium Range TI Sight will enable units to track the target during night for all types of operations and thereby improving his combat efficiency.