UK, Germany to co-develop advanced armor-piercing ammunition for tanks

United Kingdom (UK) and Germany have will be jointly undertake the development of the Enhanced Kinetic Energy (EKE)- an advanced armor-piercing tank ammunition for Challenger 3 and Leopard 2 Tanks.

Both the countries last week have already signed a Statement of Intent to work together on the same, thereby providing a step change in the Army’s ability to defeat evolving enemy threats. The EKE rounds would be fired from the L55A1 turret on Challenger 3 and Leopard 2 Main Battle Tanks, supporting interoperability with NATO allies.

The standardised ammunition will not only benefit battlefield collaboration with many of our NATO allies, but has important export potential for UK and German defence industry partners.

Besides, both the countries said that that they were also open to other countries joining the cooperation.


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