RFP / Tender for AMK 201E Bomb ML 81MM MOR ILL (IND)

Issued Date: 17-May-2023  

Response Date: 07-Jun-2023

Issued by: Indian Army

Brief Details: Indian Army requires quantity 1,52,000 bombs of AMK 201E Bomb ML 81mm Mor Ill (Ind) to be delivered in 36 months from date of award of contract.

The RFP stipulates that the contract can be cancelled unilaterally by the buyer in case items are not received within the contracted delivery period.

Extension of contracted delivery period will be at the sole discretion of the buyer, with applicability of LD clause. However, the vendor must submit a written request for DP extension minimum 45 days prior to the final delivery date.

The final delivery schedule will however be, mutually agreed during negotiations for finalisation of contract. Date of issue of the Inspection Note by the DGQA will be considered as delivery date.