Canada to spend $2.5 Bn on building new coast guard vessels

The Government of Canada has announced a significant investment to fund the modernization of the Canadian Coast Guard’s small vessel fleet.

Understandably, these small vessels can provide search and rescue services as well as assistance to disabled vessels and support aid to navigation programs.

The investment, valued at $2.5 billion, provides for up to 61 small vessels and the ongoing replacement of small craft, barges and work boats with new modern equipment.

This investment will help modernize the Canadian Coast Guard’s small vessel fleet, so that they can keep Canadian waterways and Canadians safe, while creating good-paying jobs across Canada.

This investment will complete the renewal of the Canadian Coast Guard’s small vessels fleet and enable the Canadian Coast Guard to acquire up to:

  • Six Mid-shore Multi-Mission Vessels;
  • One Near-Shore Fishery Research Vessel;
  • 16 Specialty Vessels comprised of:
    • Two Special NavAids Vessels;
    • Four Special Shallow Draft Buoy Tenders
    • Four Inshore Science Vessels
    • Four Special Enforcement Vessels
    • Two Lake Class Vessels;
  • Four Air Cushion Vehicles; and
  • 34 Cape Class Search and Rescue Lifeboats.

The procurement of these small vessels will provide opportunities for smaller shipyards and suppliers across Canada, supporting good-paying jobs in our marine industry.

To date, under the National Shipbuilding Strategy, 16 small vessels have been delivered to Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the Canadian Coast Guard. This includes 14 Search and Rescue lifeboats and two Channel Survey and Sounding Vessels.