Value of Indigenous Procurement of Defence Equipment

The Government has taken several policy initiatives in the past few years and brought in reforms to encourage indigenous design, development and manufacture of defence equipment, there by promoting self-reliance in defence manufacturing in the country. And this has resulted in decrease of imports and increase of indigenous procurement year on year.

According to the data by the Ministry of Defence (MoD), India following are the details of indigenous procurement of defence equipment (both Capital and Revenue) by the three Defence Services – Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force) in the last five years:  

Year          Amount (In Rs Crores)

2017-18 – Rs 54,951.30 Crores

2018-19 – Rs 50,499.96 Crores

2019-20 – Rs 63,722.37 Crores

2020-21 – Rs 88,631.75 Crores

2021-22 – Rs 86,078.06 Crores