NISAR Utilization Programme (NISAR UP) for Indian Researchers

ISRO offers the NISAR Utilization Programme (NISAR UP), an opportunity for Indian researchers and scientists to access, analyse and interpret the data from the NASA–ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR)satellite mission.

Basically, NISAR offers vital data to observe and study Earth’s intricate processes.

This cutting-edge mission involves high-resolution imaging, wide swath, precise orbit control, and short revisit periods.

Further, it aims to study ecosystems, cryosphere, solid earth science, and coastal ocean processes to address global environmental changes and natural hazards. It supports disaster response by providing rapid access to relevant data.

NISAR UP seeks project proposals from researchers, academicians, and scientists affiliated with Indian Government organizations and Government-recognized institutions, universities, and departments. 

The programme, offered by the Space Applications Centre (SAC)/ISRO, looks to support 3-year projects, through an open data policy, in diverse application themes, such as agriculture, forestry, hydrology, snow/glaciers, disaster management, and more, using the L & S-band SAR data from NISAR.

The focus areas include developing operational algorithms for applications in different fields, retrieval of biogeophysical parameters using NISAR and ancillary data, calibration/validation of NISAR data/science, tool development for NISAR data analysis, and value-added products/services to cater to user requirements.

Noteworthy, the selected projects will receive funding support, while non-funded projects will have access to technical support and ground validation data provided by ISRO.

Mission details, guidelines, and proposal submission formats are at here. Project proposals may be submitted by October 31, 2023. Evaluation results will be communicated by March 01, 2024.