Poland to acquire hundreds of SPIKE LR Missiles from Rafael

The Polish Ministry of Defense, through its Armament Authority, has confirmed that it is purchasing hundreds of SPIKE LR Missiles through RAFAEL’s local industrial partner, MESKO.

The deal is expected to be worth around 100 Million Dollars.

As RAFAEL’s local Polish industrial partner, MESKO has already manufactured SPIKE Missiles for the Polish MOD, and this will be the third such deal involving the SPIKE Missile Family.

Noteworthy, MESKO and RAFAEL have collaborated in working with the Polish market since 2003, allowing for the sale of completely “Poland-ized” missiles to be provided for the Polish user.

The robust local manufacturing capabilities have provided the Polish MOD with over 3,000 SPIKE LR missiles that are entirely Polish-made.

Source: https://www.rafael.co.il/press/polish-mod-to-acquire-batch-of-spike-lr-missiles-in-a-new-deal-with-rafael-polish-mesko/