India to host 1st edition of ‘Global IndiaAI 2023’ in Oct

Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, India will be organizing the Global IndiaAI 2023, scheduled for October this year.

There will be participation from leading AI players, researchers, startups, and investors in India and worldwide.

Further, the conference is poised to cover a wide spectrum of topics, including Next Generation Learning and Foundational AI models, AI’s applications in healthcare, governance, and next-gen electric vehicles, future AI research trends, AI computing systems, investment opportunities, and nurturing AI talent.

Notably, the Global IndiaAI 2023 conference is tentatively planned for October 14-15 2023, and it will bring together the best and brightest in AI from India and around the world.

This summit is expected to evolve and become a must attend event on the annual calendar of the Global AI industry, startups, practitioners, researchers and students.

The Global IndiaAI summit will also catalyze India’s AI landscape and innovation ecosystem.

Also, the conference will also serve as a showcase for the vibrant IndiaAI ecosystem that comprises key initiatives such as DI Bhashini, India Datasets Program, IndiaAI Futuredesign program for startups, and IndiaAI FutureSkills program dedicated to nurturing world-class AI talent.


Image Courtesy: Economic Times