Successful Launch of Aditya-L1 spacecraft

Following up on the success of India’s moon landing with the Chandrayaan-3, ISRO today launched Aditya-L1 spacecraft to study the sun.

India’s first sun mission aims to study solar winds, which can cause disturbance on earth commonly seen as auroras.

Noteworthy, on September 02, 2023, at 11.50 hrs, the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C57) successfully launched the Aditya-L1 spacecraft, from the Second Launch Pad of Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC), Sriharikota.

After a flight duration of 63 minutes and 20 seconds, Aditya-L1 spacecraft was successfully injected into an elliptical orbit of 235×19500 km around the Earth.

Aditya-L1 is the first Indian space based observatory to study the Sun from a halo orbit around first Sun-Earth Lagrangian point (L1), which is located roughly 1.5 million km from earth.

Further, the spacecraft will undergo four earth-bound orbital maneuvers before placing in the transfer orbit towards the Lagrange point L1. Aditya-L1 is expected to arrive the intended orbit at the L1 point after about 127 days.

Aditya-L1 carries seven scientific payloads indigenously developed by ISRO and national research laboratories including Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA), Bengaluru and Inter University Centre for Astronomy & Astrophysics (IUCAA), Pune.


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