Elbit Systems awarded 2 contracts by European country to supply C4I solution

Elbit Systems has been awarded two contracts by a European country, worth an aggregate amount of approximately $200 million, to supply a (Command, Control, Communication, Computers, Intelligence) C4I solution to artillery battalions and a Hostile Fire Counter Attack (HFCA) solution.

The contracts will be executed until 2026, with options for further extensions.

The C4I solution will provide advanced C4I capabilities to four battalions of 155mm howitzers guns, including Elbit Systems’ SDR radios – the E-Lynx and TORCH-X Fire applications.

Further, the artillery C4I solution will allow the customer to effectively command its artillery battalions and increase operational effectiveness of its weapon systems, while the HFCA solution will allow the customer to detect enemy fire source and close the operational cycle by destroying the enemy fire source using Elbit Systems’ artillery C4I solution.

These solutions will be integrated into the customer’s wider artillery C4I system, also provided by Elbit Systems.

Elbit Systems will leverage the Company’s extensive worldwide experience of delivering C4I and communications solutions to artillery units and armed forces, while integrating various sensors that will increase operational effectiveness.

Source: https://elbitsystems.com/pr-new/elbit-systems-awarded-two-contracts-in-an-aggregate-amount-of-200-million-to-supply-artillery-c4i-solution-and-hostile-fire-counter-attack-solution-to-a-european-country/