ideaForge and GalaxEye ink pact to build UAV Foliage Penetration Radar

GalaxEye, an Indian  SpaceTech start-up has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ideaForge, a leading global drone technology and manufacturing company. This strategic partnership aims to jointly develop a pioneering UAV (FOPEN) Foliage Penetration Radar customised for India’s security forces for enhanced aerial surveillance and mapping capabilities.

The innovative solution will address the unique demands of the operations that involve penetrating dense foliage, ensuring seamless monitoring while overcoming obstructions.

This has been one of the requirements of the security forces to see under foliage and through fog.

Under this collaboration, ideaForge will contribute its expertise in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology, skillfully blending it with GalaxEye’s state-of-the-art Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) technology.

With deep expertise and complementing product capabilities, it is a powerful combination to create a cutting-edge solution.

Additionally, GalaxEye will provide vital technical support in optimising the integrated solution to deliver enhanced monitoring capabilities even in challenging scenarios.

Therefore, this technology will greatly enhance the ability to detect illegal activities, monitor the movement of any unauthorized individuals, enable counterinsurgency operations and track various illicit operations.

This Foliage Penetrating UAV Radar system will overcome obstructions like clouds, fog, smoke, mist, camouflage nets, and dense tree-canopy foliage, that often hinder surveillance operations.

Further, the MoU also includes the development of a high-resolution 3D imaging foliage-penetrating radar.

When mounted on a UAV, this radar will function as an all-weather surveillance payload that can identify objects obscured by foliage or camouflage by providing tactical real-time ground photography.

About ideaForge Technology Limited

ideaForge is the pioneer and the pre-eminent market leader in the Indian Unmanned Aircraft Systems market, with a market share of ~50% in Fiscal 2022 in India.

Notably, the company is ranked 7th globally in December 2022 in the dual-use category drone manufacturers by Drone Industry Insights.

Its UAVs are equipped with industry-leading specifications and capabilities comparable to those of other established global players in the UAV industry.

ideaForge customers have completed 380,000+ flights to date using ideaForge UAVs, with an ideaForge-manufactured drone taking off every five minutes on average.

About GalaxEye

GalaxEye is a Space-Tech start-up pioneering the world’s first multi-sensor earth observation satellite. They are building a constellation of indigenous micro-satellites with data fusion capabilities.

Further, they are soon launching their first satellite, denoted as “Drishti Mission”.

GalaxEye has built India’s First UAV SAR system for Defence markets and also completed 200+ Flights with UAV SAR Payload. 

The company was featured amongst the Top 10 Start-ups to watch in 2023.

GalaxEye has spun out of team Hyperloop of the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.