Zen Technologies bags tank-training simulator system order from MoD

Hyderabad-based Zen Technologies has been awarded a contract for Rs 100 crore from the Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD) for advanced tank-training simulator system.

The in-house designed, developed and tested system allows live training in an operational environment with simulated firing effects which enable mechanised forces to conduct force-on-force two-sided exercises.

Besides, the innovative system empowers tank units and sub-units to engage in training on real terrains under authentic conditions using their equipment, without the necessity for live ammunition.

 Further, the system can be configured to main battle tank (MBT) and armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs) of any army across the world and is designed to test skills of a tank crew and registers accurately results of tactical engagements between AFVs.

The system exploits superior technology and eye-safe laser to accurately simulate tank fire, detect hits and incorporate high fidelity simulation to achieve realism and objectivity in training.

Noteworthy, this is the second order that Zen Technologies have received in last two months.

The previous one was for supply of anti-drone systems worth Rs 227 crore.

Source: https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/

Image Courtesy: https://www.zentechnologies.com/zen_t90_tank_driving_simulator.html