EOI for development of expendable Target Drones

Issue Date: 30-Oct-2023

Response Date: 29-Dec-2023

Service: Indian Air Force

Air Officer Commanding, 12 Base Repair Depot, Air Force on behalf of Head Quarter Maintenance Command, Indian Air Force invites Expression of Interest (EoI) for ‘Expendable Low Cost Target Drones’ from Indian firms based in India having technical and financial capability, infrastructure and experience to execute the project. The project will involve Design, Development, Testing, and Recurring Delivery within strict timelines.

Scope is to design, development and supply of ‘Expendable Low Cost Target Drones for Training of personnel on Counter Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems’. To provide realistic training on anti-drone procedures. To maximize use of indigenous components and software towards building of drones for achieving ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ goal.


The following features are expected:

(a) Laser cut sections of cardboard for quick assembly to form airframe.

(b) Open source / locally developed Auto Pilot

(c) Use of Low cost BLDC Motors (Preferably of Indian Origin)

(d) Auto Pilot PCBs made in India

(e) Will be programmed for way points by laptop/ Tab and will have telemetry capability.

(f) Light weight, hand launched skid landing

(g) RCS will be provided controlled by aluminum foil stickers

(h) Reusable electronics in case cardboard fuselage is damaged

(j) Flight time of 15 to 30 minutes base on battery size and type.

(k) Will use ISM band telemetry and GPS for piloting

(l) Minimal control surfaces for yaw and pitch control.

(m) Completely programmable

(n) Easy packaging and transportable.

(o) Pre flying simulators for training of personnel


Various categories of expendable Target drones envisaged for development are listed below.

(a) Quadcopter with auto stabilization and RC.

(b) RC Plane with manual control (1000 MM wing span)

(c) RC Plane with stabilization and autopilot (1000 MM wing span)

(d) RC plane with FPV, stabilization and autopilot (2000 MM wing span) Payload 1.5 KG, RoA 50 Kms, Endurance 1.5 to 2Hrs.

(e) Other types of RC plane based on the inputs of field units.