NATO announces formal suspension of Cold War-era security treaty after Russia’s pullout

NATO on Tuesday announced the formal suspension of a key Cold War-era security treaty in response to Russia’s pullout from the deal.

The alliance said its members who signed the treaty are now freezing their participation in the pact.

Most of NATO’s 31 allies have signed the Treaty of Conventional Armed Forces in Europe, which was aimed at preventing Cold War rivals from massing forces at or near mutual borders.

It was signed in November 1990, but not fully ratified until two years later.

NATO said that “a situation whereby Allied State Parties abide by the Treaty, while Russia does not, would be unsustainable”.

Russia’s foreign ministry announced earlier Tuesday that Moscow had finalised its withdrawal.

In response, NATO said, allies who had signed “intend to suspend the operation of the CFE Treaty for as long as necessary, in accordance with their rights under international law.

This is a decision fully supported by all NATO Allies”.

NATO underlined that its members remain committed “to reduce military risk, and prevent misperceptions and conflicts.”