Indian Army plans to deploy 500 drones in some areas

The Indian Army is set to deploy around 500 drones developed by MIT, Chennai, in challenging terrains such as the North-East and high-altitude landscapes.

As per a TOI report, these drones will replace mules and helicopters to a certain extent.

Notably, these drones will be utilized for delivering medicines and essential items to remote Border Observation Posts (BOPs), addressing security gaps in difficult terrains.

These drones have undergone successful tests and trial runs in Leh, Ladakh, dense jungles, and high cliffs in the North-East.

Additionally, a trial was conducted in Pokhran to assess their durability in high atmospheric temperatures.

As of now, these drones have been officially inducted into the Indian Army.

The drones, weighing 100kg, have the capability to carry 15kg to 20kg of supplies, including medicines, food, provisions, or oil, across different altitudes.

Further, equipped with proximity sensors, these drones can fly through fog, rain, and gusty winds, ensuring smooth landing and takeoff.

The guided navigation system, developed by the research team using GPS technology, allows the drones to travel up to 20 km round trip at an altitude of 1km.