Indian Army issues RFI for Procurement of Heavy Excavator (20T) class

The Indian Army has issued a Request for information (RFI) to procure 74 Numbers of Heavy Excavator (20T) class.

To be noted creation of infrastructure is a major task during war and peace.

The engineering units are authorised plant equipment for execution of such tasks, Excavators are versatile equipment which carry out earth moving tasks.

These find application in construction tracks, helipads, pavements, camping locations, habitat etc.

Excavators 20T envisaged to play a vital role in execution of these tasks in mountainous terrains in India.

The Hydraulic excavator shall be employed for earth moving, excavation, demolition, digging, grading, and finishing and quarry operation in road construction jobs.

The equipment shall be rugged and of sturdy construction, capable of working continuously and successfully under adverse working conditions.

Following are the important technical parameters:

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