PM Narendra Modi Spells Out Blueprint To Transform India Into Developed Nation By 2047

Prime Minister Narendra Modi asserted that  India will be a developed country by 2047.

Addressing the country during the 77th Independence, the Prime Minister declared that by 2047, the year marking India’s 100th year of independence, the nation would achieve developed country status.

Mr. Modi based this assertion on the country’s potential, available resources, and notably, the strength of its youth.

He emphasized that the upcoming five years would be a pivotal “golden opportunity” for realizing this aspiration.

Further, he said  India is at a decisive turning point and has the strength to shape the new world order that was emerging in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic, Mr. Modi also assured the countrymen of a “New India” with a bright future in the next five years.

Moreover, he said it should be our collective responsibility to make India a developed country by promoting probity, transparency and impartiality. Mr. Modi said the Triveni of demography, democracy and diversity has the potential to make India’s every dream come true.

Prime Minister has asked to get rid of the three sins of corruption, nepotism and appeasement from the country. 

He said the country’s progress is fuelled by not only the big city but also the tier-2 cities. 

Also, he told the youth that there is no dearth of opportunities in the country for them.

The Prime Minister said every rating agency of the world is commending India which has become the world’s fifth economy from the 10th rank when the BJP came to power in 2014. 

Every expert of the world is saying that India is unstoppable. 

The Prime Minister said the government will launch Vishwakarma Scheme next month with an allocation of 13 to 15 thousand crore rupees to promote traditional skills. 

Besides, he also announced that the number of Jan Aushadhi Kendras will be increased from ten thousand to 25 thousand. 

About Manipur, Mr. Modi said that peace is slowly returning to the region and the country stands with Manipur. 

He said the path for solution in Manipur will be found through peace and the Centre and the State governments are making all efforts for solution and will continue to do so.

The Prime Minister said continuous reforms are taking place to make the Indian Forces young and battle ready. 

He said earlier people use to hear about bomb blasts but today the country is feeling safe. He said we can focus on development when there is security and peace. 

In the last five years, he said, over 13.5 crore people have come out of poverty and become part of the neo-middle and middle classes. Mr. Modi said the world today is technology driven and India will play a crucial role in it. 

He said one thing that will take the country forward is women-led development and we can proudly say that the country is leading in this area.

It has maximum number of pilots in Civil Aviation and Women Scientists are leading the Chandrayaan Mission.

He said G20 countries are also recognising the importance of women-led development.

The government is also devising a new plan for the agri-tech sector to strengthen women’s self-help groups.

They will be trained in operating and repairing Drones. 

The initiative will begin with the flight of Drones by 15 thousand women self-help groups.

About inflation, Mr. Modi said the world is facing a crisis of inflation and the entire global economy is in its clutches.  India, he said, has made all efforts to control inflation and will continue to take more steps in this direction. 

Furthermore, Mr. Modi said new India is full of self-confidence and several goals have been achieved before time.

These include achieving two hundred crore Covid Vaccinations rolling out of 5G and achieving the target of five hundred billion dollars in exports. 

The goal of renewable energy by 2030 was achieved in 2021-22.

The twenty per cent ethanol blending target was also achieved five years before time. 

Also, the Prime Minister said when the country will celebrate hundred years of Independence in 2047 India’s tricolour should be the tricolour of a developed India.

Earlier, Mr. Modi unfurled the National Flag at the Red Fort and received Rashtriya Salute from the Army Band. 

Flower petals were showered at the venue by two advanced light helicopters of the Indian Air Force. 

About 18 hundred people from different vocations with their spouses were invited from across the country as Special Guests.

They included   Surpunches, Representatives of vibrant villages, farmer organisations, primary school teachers, nurses and fishermen.