Kadet Defence systems introduces India’s pioneering Loitering Aerial Munitions for Armed Forces

In a significant stride towards strengthening India’s defence capabilities, Kadet Defence Systems (KDS) has emerged as the vanguard in indigenous innovation with the successful development of India’s first Loitering Aerial Munitions (LAM).

Under a unique Development cum Production Partner (DCPP) model with the Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO), KDS has unveiled a game-changing array of cutting-edge technologies aimed at enhancing the operational efficacy of the Indian armed forces.

The LAM Systems, a culmination of relentless innovation and strategic collaboration, encompass a diverse range of advanced technologies.

From Canister Aerial Loitering Munition (CALM) to Combat UAVs boasting stand-off capabilities for munition release, and Tactical VTOL UAVs, Kadet’s LAMs represent a paradigm shift in modern warfare.

With a contract in place for the delivery of over 50 systems by the end of 2024, KDS is poised to meet the evolving operational requirements of the armed forces with precision and efficacy.

What distinguishes Kadet’s LAMs is not just their technological prowess but also their adaptability to diverse terrains and environments.

From deserts to plains, and even high-altitude regions surpassing 5,000 meters, these systems promise unparalleled performance, thereby ensuring comprehensive defence coverage across varied landscapes.

Moreover, with over 90% of components locally sourced, Kadet underscores its commitment to fostering indigenous innovation and self-reliance in defence production.

Avdhesh Khaitan, Co-Founder & CEO of Kadet Defence Systems, emphasized the strategic significance of indigenous LAMs, stating, “True self-reliance lies in the ability to design and develop cutting-edge defence solutions domestically.

The burgeoning demand for LAMs underscores their critical role not only in bolstering our armed forces but also in strengthening ties with friendly nations.”

With plans to scale up production and deliver an estimated five thousand systems within the next 2-3 years, Kadet reaffirms its commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the defence sector.

KDS’s LAMs offer multifaceted capabilities, serving as both combat UAVs capable of precision strikes and Kamikaze drones for targeted engagements, reminiscent of cruise missiles.

With the market size of LAMs in India estimated to be around Rs. 15,000 crores, Kadet is well-positioned to capitalize on the burgeoning demand for advanced defence solutions.

Established in 2011, Kadet Defence Systems has emerged as a trailblazer in the aerospace industry, specializing in Unmanned Systems.

Headquartered in Bengaluru, India, the company operates on a global scale, offering an extensive range of UAVs catering to defence and industrial sectors alike.

As India marches towards self-reliance in defence production, Kadet’s pioneering efforts stand as a testament to the nation’s prowess in innovation and technological advancement.

Source: https://www.financialexpress.com/business/defence-kadet-defence-systems-introduces-indias-pioneering-loitering-aerial-munitions-lam-for-the-armed-forces-3481405/