ASMI submachine gun from Hyderabad’s Lokesh Machines to be inducted by Indian Army

In a new development, Lokesh Machines Ltd., a city-based manufacturer known for CNC machines, has achieved a significant milestone with its debut small arms creation.

The company’s 9×19 mm calibre submachine gun, named ASMI, has become the first domestically designed, developed, and manufactured weapon to be officially inducted into the Indian Army.

This historic achievement underscores India’s advancement in indigenous defence manufacturing.

Indigenous Excellence Recognized

Lokesh Machines Ltd. has secured a substantial order worth Rs 4.26 crore from the Northern Command of the Army for 550 ASMI submachine guns.

This order highlights the Army’s confidence in the ASMI’s capabilities. Moreover, the ASMI has already undergone testing and received positive feedback from other security forces.

The National Security Guard (NSG) and the Assam Rifles have received pilot lots of the ASMI and have expressed interest in further deployment, while the Border Security Force (BSF) has placed a pilot order for four guns.

Global Recognition and Technological Innovation

The ASMI has not only been successful in the Indian market but has also garnered international recognition.

The weapon, designed in collaboration with the Armament Research & Development Establishment (ARDE) in Pune and the Indian Army, has outperformed renowned international competitors such as the ‘Uzi’ from Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) and firearms from Heckler & Koch of Germany in terms of accuracy and reliability.

The ASMI’s design incorporates advanced materials and manufacturing techniques.

It features a single unibody receiver machined from aerospace-grade aluminium, making it lightweight at under 2.4 kg.

This weight advantage, combined with its compatibility with both local and NATO-standard imported ammunition, sets it apart from its competitors.

Future Prospects and Market Potential

With a price tag of under Rs 1 lakh, the ASMI is nearly 30% cheaper than imported submachine guns, making it a cost-effective choice.

Its versatility extends to various applications within the Armed Forces, including roles such as vehicle detachment, commanders, tank and aircraft crews, drivers, dispatch riders, and personnel involved in close-quarters combat (CQB), counter-insurgency (CI), counter-terrorism (CT) operations, VIP protection, and policing duties.

The ASMI’s successful development and induction into the Indian Army signal a significant achievement for Lokesh Machines Ltd. and the Indian defence sector as a whole.

This milestone underscores India’s progress in defence manufacturing and its commitment to self-reliance in this critical area.

The ASMI, with its exceptional performance and competitive pricing, not only meets the needs of domestic security forces but also holds promise for export markets.

Its success story reflects India’s journey towards defence self-sufficiency and is a testament to the innovative capabilities of Indian manufacturers.

(With inputs from TOI)