Post new chief appointment, Indian Army to see major changes in senior positions

With Lt Gen Upendra Dwivedi set to take over as the new Chief of Army Staff on June 30, the Indian Army will see major leadership changes in its important Commands and Corps formations.

Lt Gen NS Raja Subramani will take over as the next Vice Chief of Army Staff on June 30 succeeding Lt Gen Dwivedi, defence sources told ANI.

The Vice Chief of Army Staff is one of the most important appointments in the Army headquarters as he looks after many important verticals of the force including modernisation and indigenisation.

Lt Gen Dwivedi was appointed as the new chief of the Indian Army on June 11.

With the retirement of Southern Army Commander Lt Gen Ajai Kumar Singh due on June 30, he is likely to be succeeded by Lt Gen Dhiraj Seth, who is presently commanding the South Western Army Command in Jaipur.

The Southern Command headquartered in Pune has one of the largest areas of responsibility with its formations starting from Jodhpur, Rajasthan and down below including the Kutch border with Pakistan.

Present Army Training Command chief Lt Gen Manjinder Singh is likely to be the new head of the South Western Army Command in Jaipur.

Two new officers will take over as Army Commanders including Northern Command Chief of Staff Lt Gen Anindya Sengupta, who is likely to head Central Command in Lucknow on promotion.

Western Command Chief of Staff Lt Gen Devendra Sharma is likely to move to Shimla to head the Training Command there.

The Corps are also going to get new chiefs as the Leh-based 14 Corps is going to get a new chief in Major General Hitesh Bhalla.

He will be putting up his new rank of Lieutenant General on July 1 in his new office and will succeed Lt Gen Rashim Bali.

Lt Gen Bali has already been cleared to take over as the new Military Secretary in Army headquarters, where he will be in charge of managing the officer cadre of the entire Army.

The 2 Strike Corps in Ambala is also going to get a new head in Lt Gen Rajesh Pushkar.