India, Russia prepare to sign military logistics pact soon

India and its trusted strategic partner Russia are readying a military logistics agreement to be signed in the near future boosting their defence partnership.

The agreement will give either side access to each other’s military facilities, including for the Russian Navy operating in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) and India in the Arctic.

The pact will streamline procedures for Russian and Indian military units participating in joint exercises, ensuring seamless operations, sources said.

It may also enhance a collective Eurasian security framework amid rising geopolitical tensions and expanding the International North South Transport Corridor.

The pact may also help in visa and immigration protocols for military personnel to reflect current requirements.

India has been encouraging Russia to be active in the IOR to counterbalance the growing Chinese presence in the region.

The Russian Navy is expected to set up a military base in Port Sudan for its Indian Ocean Region outreach.

Russia is also planning to expand its military presence in Myanmar and Vietnam in the Indo-Pacific region.

Simultaneously, India is being encouraged to play an active role in the resource rich Arctic and use the Northern Sea Route.

Earlier, India has signed a logistics pact with other countries, including the US, Australia, Japan, France, Singapore and South Korea.

These agreements provide the Indian military with access to the military facilities of other countries, in exchange for fuel and other provisions, thus allowing greater interoperability and increased operational turnaround for the Indian Navy, when operating in the high seas.