PM Modi addresses before commencement of 1st session of 18th Lok Sabha

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi addressed the media before the commencement of the 1st session of the 18th Lok Sabha on 23rd June 2024.

The Prime Minister began his statement by calling today’s occasion a proud and glorious day in parliamentary democracy as it is the first time after independence that the oath ceremony would take place in the new Parliament.

“On this important day, I heartily welcome all the newly elected MPs and congratulate everyone”, the Prime Minister said.  

Terming the formation of this Parliament as a means to fulfill the resolutions of the common man of India, the Prime Minister underlined that it is a critical opportunity to achieve new speed and height with new zeal.

He said that the 18th Lok Sabha is commencing today to realize the goal of building a developed India by 2047.

The Prime Minister emphasized that the grand conduct of the world’s largest election is a matter of pride for 140 crore citizens.

“More than 65 crore voters participated in the electoral process”, the Prime Minister said with delight as he noted that it is only the second time after independence that the country has given its mandate to a government to serve for the third time.

“This opportunity has come after 60 years making it a proud event in itself”, he added. 

Prime Minister Modi expressed his gratitude towards the citizens for electing the government for the third term and said that it puts a stamp of approval on the government’s intentions, policies and dedication towards the people.

“In the last 10 years, we have tried to establish a tradition because we believe that a majority is required to run a government but consensus is extremely important to run a country”, the Prime Minister emphasized.

He said that it has been the constant endeavor of the government to serve Maa Bharati by achieving consensus and taking everyone along to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of 140 crore citizens.

Underlining the need to take everyone along and speed up decision-making within the scope of the Constitution of India, the Prime Minister expressed happiness over the number of young MPs taking oath in the 18th Lok Sabha.

Dwelling on the significance of the number 18 according to Indian traditions, the Prime Minister highlighted that the Gita has 18 chapters providing the message of karma, duty and compassion, the number of Puranas and Uppuranas is 18, the root number of 18 is 9 which symbolizes perfection, and India’s legal voting age is 18 years.

“The 18th Lok Sabha is the Amrit Kaal of India. The formation of this Lok Sabha is also an auspicious sign’, Shri Modi added. 

The Prime Minister pointed out tomorrow’s date of 25th June marking 50 years of emergency rule and said that it represents a black mark on Indian democracy.

Shri Modi said that the new generation of India will never forget the day when the Constitution of India was completely rejected by suppressing democracy and the country was turned into a prison.

PM Modi exhorted the citizens to take the resolution to protect the democracy and democratic traditions of India so that such an event never arises again.

The Prime Minister said, “We will take the resolution of a vibrant democracy and fulfill the dreams of the common people according to the Constitution of India.”

The Prime Minister underlined that the government’s responsibility has increased threefold as the people have elected the government for a third term.

He assured the citizens that the government would work three times harder than before while also bringing three times the results. 

Noting the high expectations of the country from the newly elected Members of Parliament, the Prime Minister urged all the MPs to use this opportunity for public welfare, and public service and take every possible step in public interest.

Touching upon the role of the opposition, PM Modi said that the people of the country expect them to play their role to the fullest while maintaining the dignity of democracy.

“I hope that the opposition will live up to it”, he added. Shri Modi stressed that people want substance instead of slogans and expressed confidence that the MPs will try to fulfil those expectations of the common citizens.

The Prime Minister underlined the responsibility of all Members of Parliament to collectively fulfil the resolve of a developed India and strengthen the trust of the people.

He said that 25 crore citizens coming out of poverty creates a new belief that India can succeed and get rid of poverty very soon.

“The people of our country, 140 crore citizens, do not hold back in working hard. We should provide them with maximum opportunities”, the Prime Minister emphasized.

He said that this House would become a House of resolutions and that the 18th Lok Sabha would realize the dreams of the common citizens.

The Prime Minister concluded his statement by congratulating the Members of Parliament and urged them to fulfill their new responsibility with utmost dedication.