RFP for Indigenously Developed ERP

Issue Date: 19 May 2023

Response Date: 3 July 2023

Issued By: Indian Army

Brief: The Indian Army has issued a tender for the procurement of One (1) Nos. of Indigenously Developed ERP Based on an Open Source for Financial Information System.

The tender issued for the same stipulates requirement of minimum 50% Local Content for qualifying as Class 1 Local Supplier).

Scope of Work (SoW) would be provision of an ERP software solution/ modules, application software, design/ customisation, Test Bed Evaluation, Vulnerability Assessment (VA)/ Penetration Testing (PT), installation onto Army Data Network and Internet cloud, data testing, implementation/ Go-Live, training, documentation, technical and product ONSITE SUPPORT for Warranty, ATS, integration with GeM, CGDA applications etc. The OEM/SI shall be completely responsible for the execution of the project as a single point solution provider for Indian Army and provide amicable Financial Information System environment for the Indian Army.

The scope of Supply and Services include :-

(a) Provision of the ERP modules/ solution components by the OEM/SI. In case of SI, SI will provide Services for implementation of the proposed ERP modules/ solution, components, directly or through the OEM Supplier.

(b) Supply of the ERP solution and other necessary software components including total systems integration with existing hardware of Army Data Network.

(c) Study the Army Data Network architecture and confirm suitability of existing hardware with Indian Army, the hardware will be provided by Indian Army (DG Sigs). Procurement of hardware is not in the scope of the project, however, in case additional hardware is required to be procured as part of the contract then the same be indicated by the OEM/ SI in the Technical Bid.

(d) Overall Program and Project Management.

(e) Total Systems Integration, Quality Assurance, Risk Control and Management, Package Configuration and Customisation.

(f) Acceptance and commissioning of the solution components such as the ERP Solution, Database, Operating Systems and subsequent integration of the different components of the solution.

(g) Implementation/ development services including the system study, preparation of requirement specification, identification of business process, configuration of the ERP product to meet the process requirements. Go-live and Stabilisation.

(h) Test Bed Evaluation/ Vulnerability Assessment (VA)/ Penetration Testing (PT). Vendor to incorporate security in design, deployment and operations. Design and Preparation of Test Data and System Testing, Vulnerability Assessment (VA), Penetration Testing (PT). The proposed application deals with financial planning/ budget management hence, external audit will have to be undertaken such as audit trail generation, secure access to modules based on functional requirements mentioned above. Review of software/ applications after one/ two year to assess its utility and efficacy.

J) The OEM/SI to provide a training module in a different server in which all training related videos are uploaded and a link to be provided in the Indigenous ERP to access those videos. Further, any modifications carried out in the future, the same needs to be incorporated in the training module. The OEM/SI shall provide training at New Delhi (physically/ VC as decided by Indian Army) to the Indian Army personnel/ team for maintaining the ERP.

For More Details: https://mkp.gem.gov.in/catalog_data/catalog_support_document/buyer_documents/10801689/54/78/703/CatalogAttrs/SpecificationDocument/2023/5/19/item-specification-40-54_2023-05-19-15-39-06_eb5d9d920a143ba106cfbcd67b3ae57a.pdf