Post AoN Information – Ballistic Helmet, Indian Army (17 Nov 2022)

Issue Date: 17 Nov 2022       |        Response Date: 02 Dec 2022

Indian Army invites bidders for #Ballistic #Helmet. There is a need to equip IA with Ballistic Helmets capable to protect soldiers from high speed rifle bullets. This equipment will be used by troops during training and operations. The proposed Ballistic Helmet will replace in-service Fibre Glass Helmet.

  • ITEM DESCRIPTION (weapon/equipment/platform) : Ballistic Helmet
  • QUANTITY: Quantity 15,000 Ballistic Helmet
  • CATEGORIZATION : ‘Buy (Indian-IDDM)’ through FTP.
  • Ballistic Resistance. Provide equal protection throughout the covered area of the helmet against 9×19 mm FMJ/Pb bullets at 430 + 15 m/s from 5 m.
  • Enhanced Protection Modular Attachment. Be provided with suitable modular attachments to enhance abovementioned protection levels of Ballistic Helmet to protect against 7.62×39 mm Hard Steel Core bullets at 700 + 15 m/s from 10m. Be modularly attached over the shell of Ballistic Helmet to cover front, sides and back of the BH. Be rugged to sustain protection levels under operational conditions.