RFP, Inertial Navigation System, Indian Army              

Issue Date: 26 Oct 2022       |        Response Date: 25 Nov 2022

The Ministry of Defence, Government of India, intends to procure quantity 106 (One Hundred and Six) Inertial #Navigation System through Fast Track Procedure under Buy (Indian) category and seeks participation in the procurement process from prospective Bidders.

The system should be mounted on a light vehicle and contain #GPS, Inertial Measuring Unit, Control and Display Unit, Optical Device for transferring orientation, Laser Range Finder and power supply modules. It should have adequate arrangements to provide shock protection during handling and withstand road and cross country vibrations of the vehicle during operation.

The system envisaged should consist of the following: –

  • The system should be mounted on an in service light vehicle. It should have the facility of detaching the system from the vehicle when not in use for storage.
  • Control and Display Unit (CDU). It should be suitable for use in day and have features for viewing at night. This unit should comprise of the controls as well as the display to include the Digital Map Display. The system should indicate on a digital map display, the exact course being followed by the vehicle on which the system is mounted at every instant and provide navigation information.
  • Power Supply Pack. During the mission, the system should be able to draw power from a detachable power supply unit provided along with the system which should be continuously re-chargeable through the main power supply of the host vehicle.
  • Optical Device. The orientation obtained by the system should be transferable from the system through an optical device, which, when set up, should be auto collimated and interfaced with the system.
  • Laser Range Finder. For fixing points that are away from the position of the system, an Eye Safe Laser Range Finder must be provided.