Indian Army Approves 5 Make-II Projects

Indian Army has approved Project Sanction Orders (PSOs) of five Make-II Projects, namely:-

  1. High Frequency Man Packed Software Defined Radio (HFSDR) – Project Sanction Order (PSO) has been issued to 14 Developing Agencies (DAs) to develop the prototype of HFSDR. 300 HFSDRs are planned to be procured by IA, on successful prototype development.
  2. Drone Kill System – PSO to 18 DAs for procurement of 35 sets of Drone Kill Systems.
  3. Infantry Training Weapon Simulator (IWTS) – PSO has been issued to four DAs to develop the prototype for subsequent procurement of 125 sets of IWTS.
  4. 155mm Terminally Guided Munitions (TGM) – PSO has been issued to six DAs for development of 155mm TGM. IA plans to procure approximately 2000 rounds of 155mm TGM against high value targets with assured precision and lethality and minimum collateral damage.
  5. Medium Range Precision Kill System (MRPKS) – PSO has been issued to 15 DAs for developing a prototype of MRPKS. Post successful development of this prototype, the IA will procure 10 Sets of MRPKS.

The Indian Army is already progressing 43 ongoing projects under the Make II procedure of Capital Acquisition. 17 out of 43 projects have been initiated through suo-moto proposals received from the industry, which has generated enthusiasm and confidence in the Indian defence industry for participation in the “Make procedure”.

Make II procurement scheme has given an impetus to increase the Design & Development in the defence industry to achieve indigenisation of high end technology systems in various types of weapon systems, ammunition and modern training systems, which are currently not available in the country. Multiple measures to expedite the ongoing Make II projects have resulted in tangible outcomes. 22 out of 43 Make II projects are now in prototype development stage, which is 66 % of projects by cost (Rs 18,000 Crores out of 27,000 Crores).