AMCA Project to get CCS approval soon

The Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) is soon expected to give its approval for design and prototype development of indigenous fifth generation Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA).

As of now, the AMCA is set to complete the Critical Design Review (CDR) by December, and subsequently project approval from the CCS is expected after that.

Once the project sanction is received, the first prototype will be rolled out in three years (by 2025-26) and the first flight is expected in one to one and half year after that. 

The IAF is reported to have committed to buying of at least seven squadrons of the AMCA. The AMCA is being developed as a 20-ton stealth fighter with super cruise, the ability to fly supersonic without engaging jet engine afterburners which suppresses detection by radar and makes the aircraft difficult to target.

The development cost of the 25-tonne AMCA is estimated to be around Rs 15,000 Crores.