BEL inks MoU with IAI for LORA Weapon System

DPSU Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) for domestic manufacturing and supply of its Long-Range Artillery (LORA) weapon system for the three Indian Armed Forces. The state-of-the-art strategic weapon system will be manufactured by BEL, as the prime contractor, based on the workshare arrangement with IAI.

About LORA Weapon System – Developed and manufactured by IAI’s MALAM division, LORA is an all-weather surface to surface missile, combining long range, precision, and lethality. The weapon system is capable of engaging strategic targets deep in the enemy’s territory from mobile or maritime platforms. LORA is an effective solution for destroying targets deep in enemy territory.

Typical targets are fixed or transportable including infrastructure assets. The high explosive warhead can be delivered with significant accuracy, with a circular error probable (CEP) of 10 m across the whole range. The missile can be launched within minutes from unprepared positions. Any target whose location is known within the range of the missile can be attacked and destroyed within less than 10 minutes from the launch decision. The LORA uses a shaped trajectory flight mode. LORA is stored in a sealed canister, enabling very low maintenance costs.