HAL inks MoU with RPM firm for cooperation in helicopter emergency medical services

DPSU Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Response Plus Holding PJSC (RPM), a leading healthcare provider of emergency medical services, remote healthcare services and occupational health solutions in the United Arab Emirates. According to the terms of the agreement, RPM and HAL will explore new opportunities for cooperation in the areas of Emergency Medical Services, Medical Evacuation, Helicopter Emergency Medical Services and other mutually-beneficial fields in India, the Gulf region and the MENA Region.

 Commenting on the new milestone, RPM CEO Major Tom Louis said: “We are proud to be signing a cooperation agreement with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) whose name has been associated with the growth of the Aeronautical industry in India for the last eight decades. This Memorandum of Understanding would mutually help us to explore opportunities nationally as well as internationally to provide the much-needed HEMS and fixed wing emergency medical services.”

 “RPM’s expertise in the Oil & Gas sector in the GCC region, both onshore and offshore, with a focus on the medical operations of facilities and emergency ambulance services, allows us to move ahead confidently with this collaboration, knowing we have the experience, know-how and technical and human capabilities to cater to the needs of HAL” added RPM CEO Major Tom Louis, highlighting “One of our major areas of strength is medical emergency preparedness where critical operation is collaborated with our own operation control centre team. We can make a real difference in this field with this collaboration.” 

 The Response Plus Holding PJSC is of the largest integrated private health care service providers in the Middle East and beyond, with a leading presence in the UAE, India, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Nigeria and other GCC countries. The company’s HEMS unit oversees and performs over 180 patient transfers monthly. RPM currently holds a reputation for efficiency in the allotment of highly skilled paramedics and emergency medical technicians at all grades and specialties who are professionally trained at the company’s in house medical training center, Health Tech Training Center (HTTC) which is currently one of the leading International Training Centres located in Dubai & Abu Dhabi with over 50,000 trainees annually.

Source: https://hal-india.co.in/HAL%20Signs%20MoU%20with%20Response%20Plus%20Holding%20PJSC%20to%20Explore%20Opportunities%20for%20Cooperation%20in%20Helicopter%20Emergency%20Medical%20Services/ND__413