Drones – Force Multiplier in Combat and Commercial Applications 


The ongoing Russia-Ukraine war as well as the earlier Azerbaijan-Armenia war have highlighted one important aspect – the pivotal role played by Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)  for both attack and reconnaissance purposes. Undeniably, these have the capability to change the dimensions of conflicts once dominated by ground battles and traditional air power. Irrefutably, Drones are becoming increasingly popular these days, with the use and requirement of these seeing a steady rise.

In technical terms, a drone, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) is basically referred to as an unmanned aircraft or a type of flying robot that can be operated remotely or anonymously using software-controlled flight operations in their embedded systems, which operate in conjunction with GPS and onboard sensors.

Since conventional methods are most of the times are seen to be and cost and time-intensive, and moreover susceptible to human error, so utilising drones in their place can indeed result in considerable time saving and mass adoption while enhancing the value of information obtained. Owing to these advantages several countries including India realigning their strategies with emphasis on UAVs or drones for both military as well as commercial sector.

However, the use of drones is no longer limited to the military sector. Nowadays, drones are being widely used in for commercial / civil applications such as surveillance, Disaster Management, crop protection, construction project surveying, filmmaking, healthcare, e-commerce delivery, and more by countries across the world. Some of the applications in various sectors where drones are being used are shown in the diagram below.

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