IA & IAF to buy 415 & 24 Light Vehicles (Electric)

The Ministry of Defence intends to procure 439 Nos. (Indian Army – 415 Nos. and Indian Air Force – 24 Nos.) of Light Vehicles (Electric) along with 35 X Fast Chargers (Indian Army – 415 Nos. and Indian Air Force – 24 Nos.) under ‘Buy (Indian – IDDM)’ category with minimum 50% Indigenous content.

Further, the Fast Chargers will be installed by the OEM/ Seller at Buyer nominated locations. All the deliveries are slated to be completed within 12 months from the signing of the contract.

Field Evaluation Trials will be carried out on ‘No Cost No Commitment’ (NCNC) basis’.

Light vehicles are authorized to formations/units of the Indian Army (IA) and Indian Air Force (IAF) to provide requisite mobility in terrains as prevalent in the country. The present fleet of Light Vehicles with IA and IAF are based on Internal Compulsion Engine (ICE) technology which is dependent on fossil fuels and leads to Carbon Emissions & resultant pollution.

To keep up with futuristic trends and in support of initiatives of Government of India to achieve Zero Carbon Emission, there is need for introduction of Electric Vehicle with fast charging facility in the vehicle fleet of IA and IAF.

Operational Parameters

  1. Design and Seating Arrangement

(a) Design. The vehicle will be a four-wheel configuration capable of seating five persons (driver and co-driver in front row and three passengers in second row) and stowage space in rear. It shall have five doors – one each for driver and co-driver, one each on both sides of second row seat and one door in rear.

(b) Towing Arrangement. Suitable Towing arrangements will be provided in the front.

  1. Seating Arrangements

(a) Bucket type moulded seats with head restraint will be provided for driver and co driver. Seats will be reclining with provision for horizontal adjustment.

(b) Second row seat will be front facing with head restraint to accommodate three persons. This seat will be foldable i.e. back rest will be capable of being folded to make a flat space available.

(c) Three-point seat belts with pre tensioners will be provided for the driver and co-driver. Seat belts will be provided for the second row of seats.

(d) Power window panels will be provided on the four side doors. Central locking facility will be provided.

(e) IRVM (Inside Rear View Mirror). Antiglare with selectable two positions for day as well as night driving.

(f) ORVM (Outside Rear View Mirror). Left hand and right-hand mirrors to be adjustable and foldable.

Technical Parameters
  1. Motor Rated Power not less than 100 kW.
  2. Type of Motor. Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor.
  3. Range. Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) Range on full charge not less than 400 Kms/ charge.
  4. Energy Storage System.

(a) The vehicle shall be fitted with Rechargeable Electrical Energy Storage System (REESS) that provides electric energy for electric propulsion. High density battery of not less than 30 kWh with and IP 67 or similar certification to be fitted.

(b) Electric Safety. Electric safety shall be provided in the vehicle

(d) Protection Against Water Effects. Protection against washing, flooding  and heavy rainstorm shall be provided in accordance to Clause 5.5 of AIS-156.

  1. On Board Charger. An on board AC charger with minimum 2.5 kW capacity should be provided with a cable length as per CMVR norms.
  2. Service Life.

(a) Battery pack & Motor life. Not less than 8 years/ 1,60,000 Kms (whichever is earlier).

(b) Battery Charger. Where required, one Fast charger of minimum 50 kW capacity capable of charging battery pack from 0-80% in 60-90 minutes will be provided.

  1. Operating Temperature Range. The vehicle will be designed to operate in the temperature range of 00C to 450C.
  2. Power Train. The vehicle will have automatic transmission system.
  3. Brakes.

(a) Service Brakes. Disc/Drum brakes with Anti-lock braking system (ABS) will be provided. Braking efficiency to conform to latest IS applicable at the time of trials.

(b) Parking Brake. Hand operated, electric/pneumatic/spring actuated parking brake system will be provided. The brake will be capable of holding the vehicle at a Gradient of not less than 250 with full payload.

(c) Vehicle should have regenerative brake system.

  1. Steering. Vehicle to have Right Hand Drive with tiltable Power Steering.
  2. Performance Capabilities in Fully Laden Condition.

(a) Maximum speed on highway: Not less than 120 Km/ph

(b) Gradeability: Not less than 150

in fully laden condition

(c) Pay load: Upto 900 Kgs

(d) Range: Not less than 400 Kms/ full charge (ARAI).

Image Courtesy: https://pib.gov.in/PressReleasePage.aspx?PRID=1873059