Indian Navy to procure 12 Extra-Large Uncrewed Underwater Vehicle

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has initiated a project to design and develop Extra Large Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (XLUUV) for the Indian Navy.

A document which was released last month by the MoD indicates that the Indian Navy is interested in procuring up to 12 XLUUVs once a prototype is built and clears all trials.

Brief Specifications:- According to the document, following are some of the brief specifications required; however it should be noted that the Indian project is in the initial stages and specifications may change considerably as the project progresses.

  • The XLUUV may have a maximum ‘length with payload’ of up to 50 meters, width of up to 5 meters, height no more than 10 meters and gross weight without ballast under 300 tons.
  • The XLUUV is intended for the following roles: ISR, anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare and mine warfare. Autonomous features are a key requirement under which the vessel should be capable of deploying from a pier, conducting operations in shallow and restricted waters and returning to harbor on its own.
  • It must be capable of being transported by motherships and trailers on land.
  • An external payload of up to 10 tons of armament is also under consideration, with the MoD probing the feasibility of mounting two 533 mm torpedo tubes and mine laying capability for the XLUUV.

About XLUUV systems: These are being developed all around the world to support submarine operations. The XLUVV Vehicles are designed to operate unattended for months at a time while carrying far larger payloads than regular UUVs. XLUUVs calculate their navigation solution while submerged for extended periods of time. They also converse while keeping their identities hidden.

The XLUUV is designed for ISR, anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, and mine warfare. Autonomous features, such as the ability to deploy from a pier, undertake operations in shallow and limited waters, and return to the harbor on its own, are essential. It must be capable of being moved on land by motherships and trailers.

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