MoD to undertake procurement of 435 simulators worth Rs 791 Cr this year

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) is planning to give a significant push to simulator training for the Indian Armed Forces and in this regards will be undertaking procurement of 435 simulators at an estimated cost of Rs 791 crores this year.

Notably, on September 23, 2021, the government took a decision to synergise the use simulators in the forces. As per the policy, the Ministry of Defence has promulgated the framework for enhanced and synergised utilisation of simulators by the Indian Army, the Indian Navy, the Indian Air Force (IAF) and the Indian Coast Guard (ICG).

The overarching vision is to transform to simulation-based training across all military domains for combatants, leaders, maintainers, administrators, life science experts, procurement and financial agencies and thus, achieve cost effective, efficient, safe, fast-paced and smart training.

The policy is applicable to all types of simulators in use/ to be procured in the future by the Armed Forces. The policy would be applicable to but not restricted to entities listed below: –
(a) Aerial vehicles (Manned and Unmanned).
(b) Land Vehicles (Specialist and Common User Vehicles).
(c) Maritime vehicles.
(d) Specialist Eqpt (Including earthmoving and works services related eqpt).
(e) Weapon and Sensors system.
(f) EW Trainers for Air and Ground Systems.
(g) Cyber operational Architecture Training System (COATS).
(h) Small Arms and Marksmanship.
(i) Firefighting.
(j) Damage control.
(k) Maritime Systems/ Underwater escape.
(l) Battlefield, Tactical, Air Combat & Squad/ Soldier multi domain Virtual Trainer.
(m) Virtual Boot camp.
(n) Air traffic and aircraft control simulators.
(o) Strategic Systems.
(p) War Gaming.
(q) Medical and life sciences (including High G, Disorientation simulator etc).
(r) System Maintenance and fault finding.
(s) Simulation, Forecasting and Project Management tools (for Acquisition and
(t) Design development and System Integration rigs.
(u) Testing and Certification simulation tools.
(v) Mission Planning/ Briefing/ Debriefing.


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