Indian Navy to buy 20 Remotely Manned Fast Interceptor Crafts

The Indian Navy intends to procure 20 (twenty) Remotely Manned Fast Interceptor Crafts – Indigenous (RMFIC-I) from registered shipyards and have come out with a Request for Information (RFI) for the same.

The RMFIC-I would be constructed in a phased manner over a period of 4 years (2026-2030).

The procurement is under “Buy Indian (IDDM) category”.

The Remotely Manned FIC-1 would be required to escort high value units such as Aircraft carriers, tankers, cruisers, destroyers, frigates, submarines etc. while entering/leaving harbour.

It will also carry out water front patrolling of coastal areas and protect strategic assets located in the vicinity of naval bases.

Besides, it will operate with Force Protection Vessels and carry out inception of high-speed craft.

The brief specifications are mentioned below: