Pakistan to send 3 consignments of 155mm artillery to Ukraine

It has been reported that Pakistan will be exporting three consignments of 155mm artillery ammunition rounds over the next three months to Kiev via Poland to help Ukraine fight the ongoing invasion by Russia.

The Economic Times reported that the consignments will be shipped by Pak Ordnance Factory from Karachi Port to Gdansk Port Poland in the next three months and subsequently moved to Ukraine.

This move by Pakistan comes even as it continues to ignore requests for ammunition and weapons from Russia.

It is understood that in lieu of this assistance to Ukraine by Pakistan, the western countries will be helping Pakistan with supplies and the upgradation of some of its Western military equipment in exchange.

Rather, recently Pakistan signed a $1.5 Billion deal with Ukraine, under which the latter will be supplying Mi-17 helicopter engines and spare parts to Pakistan as a sign of their enhanced defense partnership.

Noteworthy, Pakistan has had deep military and industrial ties with Ukraine in the past. The two countries have shared a close relationship in the defence sector since Ukraine gained independence by breaking away from the erstwhile Soviet Union in 1991.

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