Denmark to invest $5.6 Bn to modernize defence sector

The Government of Denmark has decided to invest an additional $5.6 Billion into the country’s defence sector over 10 years to address accumulated challenges on the backdrop of the ongoing war in Ukraine.

As per the statement released by the Defence Ministry, approximately 27 billion kroner will go to defense materiel, buildings, IT and personnel to handle accumulated challenge, while and another 11 billion kroner will be invested in the personnel and materiel area.

Notably, in September 2022, a budget review of Denmark’s defence showed that several areas had been neglected and required additional funds just to restore the capabilities of the armed forces.

Among other things, the review highlighted that equipment had greater wear-and-tear than expected, a backlog in managing the military’s properties, and challenges in the recruitment and retention of staff.

Also, the Danish Government has previously indicated that it plans to raise the defense budget NATO’s target of 2 percent of GDP by 2030.