IN issues EoI for Repair & Overhaul of Landing Gears & Associated Actuating Strut for Mig 29K

The Indian Navy (IN) has invited Expression of Interest (Eol) for “Repair and Overhaul facility for MiG 29K/KUB Landing Gears and associate Actuating Struts’, from reputed Indian firms having technical and financial capability.

The scope of work also includes facility for disassembly of the unit modules into their respective sub modules/ sub components and carrying out depot level (repair) activities required for repair and overhaul.

The facility envisaged should cover the following components:-

(i) Leg of Nose Landing Gear( pt No. 9.41.4211-O)

(ii) Leg of Main Landing Gear LH & RH (pt No. 9.41 4111-0 & 9.41 4111-0-01)

(iii) Actuating strut of Main tanding Gear (pt No. 10.9414’102.0000.00 0)

(iv) Actuating strut of Nose tanding Gear (pt No. 10.941.4202.0000.00.0)

The broad scope includes following. –

(a) Establishment of repair and overhaul facility for MiG 291(KLJB Landing Gears and associate Actuating Struts at NAY(Goa) premises under Government Owned Company Operated (GOCO) model.

(b) Provision of manpower, infrastructure, test rigs, TTGE (Tools, Test and Ground equipment) as applicable for setup in Navy (Goa) premises.

(c) Transfer of Technology (ToT) from OEM, provisioning of technical publications/ documents and sourcing of spares & consumables.

(d) Conduct of training including certification of personnel, provisioning of required TTGE (Tools, Test and Ground equipment) and support equipment for undertaking the repairs/ overhaul.