Lockheed wins $1.4 Bn modification contract for F-35 aircraft

The US Department of Defense has awarded a $7.8 billion contract modification for 126 F-35 aircraft to weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin Corp.

The modification exercises options for the production and delivery of 126 Lot 17 F-35 multi-role aircraft, to include 81 F-35A aircraft for US Air Force and its allies.

The order is expected to be completed in August 2026.

Further, it also includes 15 F-35B aircraft for the U.S. Marine Corps and 13 F-35C for the U.S. Navy.

Worth mentioning, last year, the US Department of Defence had given its approval to Lockheed Martin to build about 375 F-35 fighter jets over three years in a deal worth $30 billion.