Indian Navy planning to procure Self Propelled Sewage Barges

The Indian Navy is planning to procure 06 X 200 Ton Self Propelled (SP) Sewage Barges from registered Indian Shipyards.

And, thereby with a view to identify probable shipyards who can undertake the construction of 06 x 200 Ton SP Sewage Barges, have issued a Request for Information (RFI) for the same.

The interested Shipyards are requested to forward information as sought in this RFI. The procurement is intended to be under ‘Buy (Indian-IDDM)’ category.

The Shipyards are also required to comment on the categorisation and IC content as per DAP 20. The category wise (less Strategic Partnership model cases) summary of IC as per cost of the Base Contract Price (i.e. Total Contract Price less taxes and duties) will be as under: –

Category – Buy (Indian-IDDM)

Indigenous Content (IC) – Indigenous design and ≥ 50%

Basically, the aim of seeking this RFI is also to finalise the specifications for the Barge with inputs from the Shipyards.

Key Operational/Technical Specifications

Functions: The Sewage Barge should receive sewage from ships, treat the sewage consisting of Black and Grey water and discharge treated sewage .


(a) Maximum: 10 Kn (at 85% MCR of Main Engines)

(b) Sustained: 10 Kn

Dimensions: The principal dimensions of the barge should be as follows: –

(a) Length overall – Not exceeding 60 m

(b) Draught – Not exceeding 2 m

Endurance: Should be able to operate independently for min 24 hr without replenishment of POL.

Sea State: Should be able to operate up to sea state 3 and survive up to sea state.

Crew: One Master, One Engineer and Six Crew.

Navigational Equipment: Following to be provided :-

(i) Two GPS

(ii) One AIS

(iii) One COTS Nav Radar

The tentative delivery schedule/ build period for delivery of the Vessels to IN at Mumbai (02), Karwar (02), Kochi (01) and Port Blair (01) after conclusion of contract including the build strategy.