ISRO, Indian Navy release Gaganyaan Recovery Training Plan

The Indian Navy and Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) released the Gaganyaan Recovery Training Plan at Water Survival Training Facility (WSTF) INS Garuda, Kochi on May 24.

The document outlines the training plan for recovery of the crew module of the Gaganyaan mission.

 It defines overall requirements with respect to training of various teams participating in Recovery operations viz. marcos, parajumpers, medical specialists, technicians etc.

The Recovery training is planned in incremental phases starting from unmanned recovery to manned recovery training in harbour and open sea conditions.

The overall recovery operations of the crew module are being led by the Indian Navy in coordination with other maritime agencies

The Crew Module Recovery Model was formally handed over to Indian Navy at Water Survival Training Facility (WSTF) at INS Garuda, Kochi.

The mass and shape simulated mock-up will be used for familiarisation and training of Gaganyaan recovery teams.

WSTF is equipped with its state-of-the-art facility in the new avatar with a team of highly qualified divers all set to assist ISRO by undertaking a series of trials and fine-tuning of Standard Operating Procedures to train the crew and recovery team of Gaganyaan