SFC Energy to supply fuel cell generators to Indian Defence Forces

SFC Energy AG, a leading supplier of hydrogen and methanol fuel cells for stationary and mobile hybrid power supply solutions, together with its strategic partner FC TecNrgy Pvt ltd (“FCT”) received a major order from the Indian Defence Forces to supply 900 stationary methanol fuel cell generators.

The fuel cell generators jointly developed by FC TecNrgy Pvt and SFC Energy are extremely robust and ideally suited for use by the Indian Defence Forces.

Even under the most difficult environmental and climatic conditions, they supply electricity independently and reliably.

The order includes the delivery of the systems over a period of one year and their maintenance and repair over a period of five years.

The order covers delivery of 900 stationary methanol fuel-cell generators over a period of one year, as well as their maintenance and repair for five years.

The initial order volume amounts to more than EUR 17.5 million.

The fuel cell solutions will be supplied by the Indian SFC subsidiary SFC Energy India Ltd. and FCT assembled at the new manufacturing facility in Gurgaon, Haryana (India).

To be noted, this order follows the major order announced on March 6 by the Indian Defence Forces for the delivery of 450 portable methanol fuel cell systems with a volume of more than EUR 16 million.

The stationary fuel cell solutions produce clean electricity and can be used by infantry and special units to charge multiple batteries in parallel and to power sensors, surveillance and communication systems as well as for basic electrification.

They are often used in remote areas, at high altitudes and under extreme climatic conditions.

The versatile energy solutions from SFC Energy are very reliable, easy to transport and are characterized by economical use of methanol as a fuel.

Source: https://fuelcellsworks.com/news/sfc-energy-and-fc-tecnrgy-secure-significant-contract-for-stationary-fuel-cell-generators-from-indian-defence-ministry/