Canadian Army receives new C22 full frame modular pistols

The Canadian Armed Forces have taken delivery of the first C22 full frame modular pistols that are based on the Sig Sauer P320. These will be replacing the Browning 9mm sidearm carried by Canadian troops.

As of now, the training to operate them has already started at the Infantry School Gagetown, NB.

Earlier in October 2022, the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND) signed a $3.2 million contract with distributor company MD Charlton Co. Ltd. of Victoria to provide the Canadian Army with SIG Sauer P320 full-frame modular pistols (designated C22).

The initial contract is for 7,000 pistols and holster systems for the Canadian Army.

Additional options for up to 9,500 pistols are available under the contract to cover off the remaining requirements for the Canadian Army, Royal Canadian Air Force, Royal Canadian Navy and Military Police.

If the options are exercised, the value of the deal will rise to $7.6 million.

With this purchase of C22 pistols, Canada have joined Denmark, France, and the United States as the operator of the P320.

Further, to be noted that though the C22 will have ‘similar ballistic performance’ and use the same ammunition as the existing Browning 9mm; however, the new pistol has a higher magazine capacity and weighs less than the Browning. Ambidextrous controls also enable left- and right-handed shooting.

About C22 full frame modular pistol (Sig Sauer P320)

The P320 Full-Size offers a smooth, crisp trigger to make any shooter more accurate, an intuitive, 3-point takedown and unmatched modularity to fit any shooter and any situation.

Its full-size frame is ideal for target shooting, home defense and any scenario where shootability and sighted accuracy are of the highest priority. T

This modular, striker-fired pistol features a full-size grip, full length slide, and Steel 3-dot Contrast Sights. Chambered in 9mm Lugar. Safety features include a striker safety and disconnect safety.