Greece orders four new Patroller tactical drones from Safran

The Greek Army has chosen Safran Electronics & Defense to upgrade the Greek army’s drone fleet, with four new Patroller tactical drones to be added to the country’s current Sperwer drones.

NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) was tasked by its Greek customer to enter into negotiations with Safran.

The Patroller leverages over 30 years of technological breakthroughs within Safran Electronics & Defense in the field of tactical drone systems specializing in navigation systems, onboard electronics and optronics. Building on this extensive expertise, Safran develops in France top-flight solutions for mission planning and execution, flight control, navigation, sensors, data links and integration in C4ISR* architectures.

The Patroller is fitted with multiple sensors for intelligence missions on behalf of armies and homeland security forces. Featuring a number of innovative technologies, Patroller benefits from the expertise acquired by Safran Electronics & Defense on the Sperwer tactical drone system, while incorporating feedback from nine years of continuous deployment in Afghanistan.

In February 2023, Patroller became the first tactical drone system to be officially certified to NATO airworthiness standard STANAG 4671, applicable to fixed-wing drones weighing more than 150 kilograms. This certification is a vital prerequisite for protection and homeland security missions.

About Patroller tactical drones

The Patroller is a French medium-altitude long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle or drone developed and manufactured by Safran Electronics & Defense (formerly by SAGEM).

It is designed to carry out intelligence, surveillance and targeting missions. It can be operated for external operations as well as homeland security and maritime surveillance missions.

The airframe is based on the Stemme ASP S15 motor glider.

Brief Specifications: 

Endurance:15 h

Payload: 210 kg

Ceiling: 16,000 Ft

Speed: 100 to 200 km/h

Range in Line of Sight & with SATCOM:180 km & 1,000 km

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