Airflite to deliver Aeronautical Life Support Equipment to Australian Defence Force

Defence Australia has awarded a contract to Airflite Pty Ltd deliver Aeronautical Life Support Equipment (ALSE) to be used in aircrafts and helicopters that will operate across the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

After a competitive tender process, Airflite Pty Ltd was awarded a contract covering the whole ALSE life-cycle.

This will encompass design, development, production, operation, maintenance, and disposal.

The $16 million contract would provide technical services to ensure the readiness of critical ALSE to support all ADF aviators.

To be noted, approximately 80 percent of ADF ALSE is used by more than one aircraft platform, and is therefore centrally managed.

Further, ALSE, which is unique to an aircraft is normally managed along with that platform’s other systems. Basically, it encopasses:-

  • Helmets and Oxygen Masks
  • Inflatable Life rafts and Vests
  • Load Carriage and Restraint Harnesses
  • Flares, Radios and Signalling devices for Post Evacuation Survival
  • Night Vision Devices

As per Air Vice-Marshal Graham Edwards, this will allow Defence to establish an ALSE enterprise that delivers best practice and high-performance capability to a growing number of complex aviation platforms for the ADF.

About Airflite Pty Ltd

Airflite Pty Ltd is a wholly Australian-owned and operated aviation services company that supports commercial and defence aviation sectors.

The company will establish a new facility in Moorabbin, Victoria while leveraging additional support from their current facility in Perth, Western Australia.

This contract will support the hiring of new personnel based in Moorabbin, Victoria.


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