Japan to provide Ukraine with drone detection system

Japan will be providing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) drone detection system to Ukraine which would help in the fight against Russian drones.

Earlier in March, Japan had announced that it would allocate $30 million for non-lethal defense equipment through the NATO trust fund.

This framework will be used to provide a drone detection systems.

Further, Ukraine is also interested in Japan’s support for the process of humanitarian mine clearance.

Noteworthy, the Japanese government provides not only humanitarian assistance to Ukraine but also funds the transfer of military vehicles to the Ukrainian army.

Worth mentioning, in May, Ukraine received almost 100 cars and 30,000 ready-made food rations for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the Ministry of Defense of Japan.

In addition, the military trucks of Type 73 manufactured by Mitsubishi became the first to be transferred to the Ukrainian forces.

Also, in March, Japanese MPs bought 20 cars for the Ukrainian military at their own expense.

Image Courtesy: https://news.yahoo.com/