Australia approves LAND 200 Phase 3 Battlefield Command Systems project

The Australian Government has given first-pass approval for the LAND 200 Phase 3 Battlefield Command Systems project. 

The investment will improve the security and performance of Defence’s tactical communications network and battle management systems.

A new battlefield command system will increase the speed and quality of decision-making, which is essential to success in military operations.

Further, a second tranche of the project is scheduled to deliver enhancements to the tactical communications network and consider additional battle management systems.

About LAND 200 Phase 3 Battlefield Command Systems Project

The $1.4 billion worth project will enhance the Australian Defence Force’s digital command, control and communications systems, particularly with the mechanized forces.

Additionally, the new system will also improve communication and coordination within Army and between the land, sea, air, space and cyber elements of the Australian Defence Force.

Harris and Elbit Systems are the two foreign suppliers are supplying the hardware and software for the project. 

The Government will be issuing an open tender for an integration partner for the Battlefield Command Systems project in 2023.

This open tender provides opportunities for Australian companies to fulfil this role.

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