IMRH Program likely to receive Govt. nod by early 2024

It has been reported that the (Indian Multi-Role Helicopter) IMRH program, being developed by DPSU Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (HAL), is expected to receive the  sanction/ funding by the Indian Government by early 2024. 

As of now the preliminary design review has been completed by the DPSU HAL, and the project is now awaiting sanctioning of the funds by the Government to carry out the development process.

Further, the first prototype of Indian Multi Role Helicopter (IMRH) is all set to be launched in the next four years.

The helicopter is going to be developed for both the Indian Army and Indian Air Force and it will be capable of landing and take off from 5 km altitude. 

In the meantime, Safran Helicopter Engines and HAL have decided to set up their new joint venture company in Bengaluru, which will be dedicated to the design, development, production, sales and support of helicopter engines.

The first focus of the JVC is to build the most adequate propulsion solution for the IMRH, and its naval version DBMRH (Deck Based Multi-Role Helicopter).

About IMRH Program

The IMRH is a twin engine, multi role, multi mission, 13 tonne weight class in Medium Lift category to meet the requirements of Indian Air Force / Indian Army, and as well as the Indian Navy.  

The helicopter will be powered by twin engines and will feature blade folding option for ship deck operations.

Notably, the intended roles of the IMRH include Support Air Assault, Air Transport, VIP Transport, Combat logistics viz. Troop Transport, Combat Search & Rescue and Casualty Evacuation operations.  

Further, the IMRH is to be equipped with a Smart Cockpit, Composite & modular airframe, Crashworthy tricycle landing gear, 4-axis Automatic Flight Control System, State-of-the-art Mission systems, Advanced avionic systems, a service ceiling of 6.5 km, an endurance of three hours, a payload of 4000 kg, and a maximum cruise speed of 270 kmph. 

The proposed IMRH, depending on its configuration, is designed to carry 24 (or) 36 Troops.