India indigenously developing three-layered LRSAM defence system

India is indigenously developing a three-layered (long-range surface-to-air missile) LRSAM defence system which would be able to strike down enemy aircraft and missiles at around 400 Km ranges.

Currently, the $2.5 Billion project is at an advanced stage.

According to reports, a proposal to develop LRSAM defence system, pending the Indian Defence Ministry may soon get a final go ahead.

The missile system will have three layers of surface-to-air missiles, which will target different ranges.

As per the reports, the defence system would be very capable and will be a far-advanced defence systems that can be considered at par with the recently acquired Russian made S-400 air defence system.

Noteworthy, the S-400 air defence systems can hit targets at 400 Km maximum distance and have the capability to take out targets at shorter ranges too.

Earlier in October 2018, India had signed a deal with Russia worth over $5.43 billion (Rs 35,000 Crore) to acquire five squadrons of the S-400 air defence missiles for the Indian Air Force.

As of now, the first two squadrons have already been deployed along the China and Pakistan border.

The LRSAM project spearheaded by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is renamed as MRSAM by the Indian Navy on similar lines with the Army and the Indian Air Force.

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