Indian Navy to buy twelve Mine Counter Measure Vessels

The Indian Navy (IN) intends to procure 12 (twelve) Mine Counter Measure Vessels (MCMVs) from registered Indian Shipyards, and have issued a Request for Information (RFI) for the same.

The MCMVs would be constructed in a phased manner over a period of 08 (eight) years.

Further, the order is planned to be split between L1 and L2 Shipyard in the ration of 8:4.

The Primary, Secondary and Constabulary roles that MCMVs are envisaged to perform are as follows: –
(a) Primary Roles. Mine Counter Measures using unmanned MCM suite.

(b) Secondary Roles.
(i) Channel mapping, route survey and sanitisation.
(ii) SAR and HADR.
(iii) Mine laying.
(iv) Local naval defence.

(c) Constabulary Role. These ships would be deployed for the following constabulary role:-
(i) Coastal surveillance.
(ii) MIO and VBSS operations in Indian Maritime Zones.

In addition, it should have the capability to launch, recover and operate two Compact Autonomous Surface Craft – All Domain Effects (CASCADE) Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV), four Heavyweight Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) and one Ship launched Multi Utility Long Endurance (MULE) Multicopter or Naval Shipborne Unmanned Aerial System (NSUAS).

Further following are the desired dimensions envisaged by the Indian Navy:

a) Length – 87 m ± 5%
(b) Breadth – 15 m ± 5%
(c) Draught – 4.1 m ± 5%

The displacement should be 2800 Tons ± 10%; while the speed should be:                                                                                                            (a) Max Speed ≥ 20 Knots
(b) Economical Speed 14 Kn (endurance ≥ 2500 nm)
(c) The ship should be able to undertake prolonged low speed running
for MCM operations between 0- 6 Kn.

Also, the MCMVs should have the endurance of ≥ 2500 nm at 14 Knots. And, the ship should be able to sustain at sea for approx. 8-10 days (with 25% reserve of fuel) without OTR at economical speed.

In addition, COTS technology is to be incorporated iaw extant orders in force.

The last date to response is 29 September 2023.