Details of border roads constructed by BRO during last 3 years

The details of length of border roads constructed by Border Roads Organisation (BRO) during the last three years, State/UT-wise, are as under:

S No State/UT Constructed Length (kms)
1 UT  of Ladakh 453.59
2 UT  of J&K 443.94
3 UT  of Andaman & Nicobar 4.50
4 Uttarakhand 343.56
5 Arunachal Pradesh 507.14
6 Mizoram 53.54
7 Nagaland 63.76
8 Manipur 6.30
9 Sikkim 164.95
10 West Bengal 18.32
11 Himachal Pradesh 40.23
12 Rajasthan 311.14
13 Punjab 34.57
Total 2,445.54

The expenditure sanctioned and incurred by the BRO for the maintenance of border roads during the last three years in the country is given below:

S No FY Fund sanctioned

(amount in Cr)

Expenditure Incurred

(amount in Cr)

(i) 2020-21 870.80 841.22
(ii) 2021-22 752.03 744.52
(iii) 2022-23 923.00 846.46

The BRO constructs roads in the border area as per the priority fixed by the Armed Forces. Following action has been taken by the Government to make border roads accessible in the country along with the steps taken by BRO to make better road system in the border areas:

  • Enhancement of the Administrative and Financial powers of various BRO executives to reduce the planning time.
  • Adoption of new technologies to enhance the pace of road construction.
  • Procurement of new and modern equipment and construction plants for road construction.
  • Adoption of EPC mode of construction.
  • Increased availability of air effort.
  • Pre & Post road safety audit of roads in Area of Responsibility (AoR) of BRO.

Maintenance of roads is carried out as per authorised scale of maintenance. Resurfacing is being done as per renewal cycle fixed to keep the roads traffic worthy.

The road projects as per Long-Term Roll-on Works Plan (LTRoWP) 2023 to 2028 under implementation and proposed in future in the border areas of Rajasthan are as follows:

S No Name of road Length

(in kms)

Classification of Road
Existing Proposed
1 Bakasar-Mavasari 32.390 Cl-9 NHDL
2 Barmer – Chauthan – Kelnore 82.500 Cl-9 NHDL
3 Kharbara – Devasar 11.150 Cl-9 NHDL
4 Pithewala-Pt 141-Ramgarh 56.122 Cl-9 NHDL
5 Lundet-Bharewala 34.260 New NHSL
6 Birdhwal-Pugal-Bajju 182.870 IW NHDL
7 Srimohangarh- Hada Br 65.250 Cl-9 NHDL
8 Pithewala Mor (PTM)-AD Toba-Lundet 125.000 New NHSL
9 Gopalsar-Lakharchoti-Rd RD 330 of IGC 13.960 Cl-9 NHDL
10 Asutar – Shagarh 26.700 Cl-9 NHDL
11 Rawla – Rojhri 27.000 Cl-9 NHDL
12 Ramdevra -Nachna 70.00 Cl-9 NHDL
13 South end to Gatti Hiyatki BOP 13.20 New NHSL
14 Pithewala-Kalibuli-Bahla 65.00 New NHSL
15 Devasar- Mauwali Talai 10.50 Cl-9 NHDL
16 Rampura-Duder-PT 201-East Camp 24.70 Cl-9 NHDL
17 Ghotaru-Shagarh 37.00 Cl-9 NHDL